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Dedicated elite decathlete from a young age and passionate about sports, GSP strives  to improve people’s ability to move, feel and look better 

His priority is to educate you and then deliver personalised programs that will be safe, effective and fun without compromising your lifestyle. 
You will feel confident to train unsupervised, with proper  technique, while improving performance and aesthetics. 
Reduce your training time, improve movement patterns, increase performance in your favourite sports and hobbies, all through functional training from anywhere between a rehab stage to high level training athlete. GSP will work closely with you for the best possible outcome. 


Training style: 
High Intensity Body Building 
Olympic lifting 



FUN FACT: GSP is a also a qualified civil engineer. 

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Synergy Central) 

  • Certificate II in Sports and Recreation (The Eagle Academy) 

  • Rehab Trainer – Rehab Essentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer 

  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 Licence

  • Nutrition for Exercise and Sport course 

  • Play by the Rules (PBTR) Child Protection / Harassment and Discrimination  National Coaching Accreditation Scheme

  • Rock tape kinesiology taping course

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  • First Aid and CPR


“Our group sessions are always challenging but fun. Each session is harder than the last which ensures our strength and fitness is progresses and that we see results. It's also helpful that he is mindful of injuries while still pushing us hard.”

- Rosie Karalouka