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 Quote – "Who could you become, if shown how?"

Speciality - Bodybuilding and powerlifting

Matt is one of the handful of trainers in the country who are RECOMP specialists. Joining this elite group of people allows his scope of practice to cover clients training for body recomposition, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Matt has over 8 years of coaching experience and expertise in body recomposition at all levels. 

He specialises in weight training and sports nutrition for fat loss and muscle gain. Matt comes from a rugby union background which saw him play at the Queensland level and then on to play Premier grade rugby in the Brisbane competition. 

He has competed and had success as a bodybuilder and a powerlifter, where he broke the Australian record for his weight division. His biggest lifts include 332.5 kg squat, 210kg benchpress and a 330 kg deadlift for a 872.5 kg total.